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### Green Community Pilot Project - Plastic Recycling Ever Green Association (EGA) began receiving funding for an eighteen-month term from the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) in December 2010. It was spent on funding the initiation of the Green Community Pilot Project in Hung Hom, educating local residents on waste separation at source and recycling plastic waste with better quality and stable quantity through paid recycling project as well as environment education. The Project also provided a way out for plastic waste to be compressed and upcycled, increasing the efficiency of of waste separation at home. This Project mainly focuses on recycling household plastic waste and used electrical appliances that lack commercial values. EGA operated the Hung Hom Recycling and Education Centre to recruit those who are interested in recycling to be our Green Buddies. Green Buddies can get stamps according to the weight of the recyclables, redeeming commodities and supermarket cash vouchers. We also hired recycling ambassadors to collect plastic waste from housing estates. Those materials collected together with the recyclables from Green Buddies are compressed in our Centre, and were then sold to recycling companies which are either bidded as our partners or approved by the Environmental Protection Department as exporters or plastic recycling centres. #### Hung Hom Recycling and Education Centre (Closed): Yue Sun Mansion, 183 Wuhu Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon - Monday to Saturday (09:00 - 18:00) ### Hung Hom Community Recycling Project Following the “Community Pilot Project - Plastic Recycling”, the Hung Hom Community Recycling Project began in December 2012, promoting waste separation at source to local residents, charitable institutions, schools and factory owners by educating them about the meaning of recycling and providing paid recycling service. This increased the rate of recycling in the community while raised the quality of recyclables. The problem of lacking storage space for recyclables was also dealt with in this project. Local residents can come to our Hung Hom Recycling and Education Centre for registration as Green Buddy, and will then be given a Green Buddy membership card with brief information about plastic wastes. And for owners of residential buildings, factory buildings and housing estates, we welcome owners’ corporations, management companies and cleaning agencies to contact us for registration. This would allow the building as a whole to compete for our “Star of the Month” award. #### Hung Hom Recycling and Education Centre (Closed): Bou Lee Building, 145-163 Bulkeley Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon - Monday to Saturday (09:00 - 18:00) ----- #### Snapshots (click to enlarge) Edward Yau Tang-wah, the then Environment Secretary, presided over the opening ceremony of the Hung Hom Recycling and Education Centre. ![Edward Yau Tang-wah](/site/assets/img/programs/crpp/then%20environment%20secretary.thumb.jpg) #### Videos


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