"Food Share, We Care" Project

Hong Kong people throw away over 3,000 tonnes of food every day, yet there is still people struggling to make ends meet. As sponsored by Food Commons Foundation, "Food Share, We Care" Project started in Hung Hom, Kowloon in September 2013, aiming to collect 30 tonnes of food. We collect surplus vegetables and fruits from Hung Hom Wet Market as well as breads and packaged food from local vendors to share with the elderlies and underprivileged in the local community. Since September 2015, this Project has been extended to Oi Man Estate, Ho Man Tin, benefiting more of those who are in need. The Project has started in Western District, Hong Kong Island since March 2016, making it the first food rescue programme in the Island. It is currently operating in the Western Wholesale Food Market and will soon (2017) be expanded to four other wet markets in the region, providing a way out for more surplus food. We hope to explore and establish a network to share edible food, effectively recycling them. Besides reducing food waste and protecting the environment, this can also reduce the financial burden of the grassroots and enhance their environmental awareness, ultimately establishing a caring green society. ### Food Rescue: G/F, Hung Hom Market, Hung Hom Municipal Services Building, 11 Ma Tau Wai Road, Hung Hom, Kowloon - Monday to Saturday (18:30 - 20:30) AFCD Western Wholesale Food Market, 8 Fung Mat Road, Western District, Hong Kong - Monday to Saturday (08:00 - 10:00) ----- #### Event Highlights #### Roadshow #### Presentation Slides (click to download) ![](/site/assets/img/programs/foodshare/pptcover.jpg)


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