Tai Po District Food Waste Collection Pilot Project

Ever Green Association (EGA) was funded by the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) between March 2012 and February 2014 to initiate the Tai Po District Food Waste Collection Pilot Project. The Project aims to recycle food waste into fertilisers at Tai Yuen Market and nearby private housing estates, ultimately becoming a model for community food waste reduction for later times. The Project is based on the idea of tripartite cooperation between the government (i.e. ECF), private business (i.e. Link Reit) and third party (i.e. EGA), joining forces in tackling the problem of food wastage. With the government responsible for investment and Link Reit in charge of recycling food waste at the Market, EGA worked on the overall planning, daily operations and technical support. Objectives: - To establish a system for collecting organic food waste from market vendors and residents. - To turn food waste into useful resources (i.e. organic fertilisers) in reducing burden for landfills. - To provide direct experience of achieving sustainable development for students and the community by using Tai Yuen Market rooftop and school campus for organic gardening. - To encourage residents and students to participate in organic gardening, helping the neighbourhoods and schools to build a green community. ----- Promotional banner for Tai Po District Food Waste Collection Pilot Project (Chinese version only) ![](/site/assets/img/programs/foodwaste/3x8%20ft.%20banner_24OCT2012-01.jpg)


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